Your Life Can Be Better!

Anxiety, Depression, Infidelity, Lying, not living up to your expectations. “I can’t live my life this way any more, I am so miserable.” You might be challenged by a loss: a death, a relationship, a job, your confidence. You might be frustrated or feel sad or angry. Maybe other people are telling you that you are that way … or some other way they don’t like.

Your physical health or your successes in life could be less than you expect or want. Maybe you have trouble with someone important to you - or they have trouble with you! Feelings like anxiety, sadness, lethargy, anger, shame or even a “high” excitability that are sometimes overwhelming or keep you out of touch with others might bring you to this place of working with someone like me. 

You might be frustrated in moving toward your goal or you might feel ashamed. You might just not be connecting the way you want to. You might feel the pain of loneliness, a fear of intimacy, a terror for responsibility, hopelessness or helplessness in facing the reality of death.

You might be lost or unsure of who you really are or what you really want at this moment. What used to work might just not be doing that any more for you. You might be in a mental or behavioural rut, thinking or doing what you really don’t wont be doing - stuck.  You might have a diagnosed mental illness or personality disorder and you might be referred for treatment.  You might be behaving or feeling badly and unable to stop. 

Our work is all about you, either alone, as part of a couple or as part of a family or important social group.  My part is to help you by providing a supportive and sometimes challenging environment where you will build mindful awareness of yourself and the world around you, and become more integrated. Your life can be better when you do that.

I will maintain a non-judgemental, open and receptive attitude and be an attentive and insightful witness in a co-creative process that can release your own energy and allow the development and manifestation of your own and strength. Our therapeutic relationship and work is about helping you live more fully.


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Specialities: Depression | Anxiety | Relationship Issues

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