How to Change the World

The doctor and the nurse descended the dark stairway.

“That’s odd,” said the doctor. “She usually screams when anyone walks down the steps.”

“Well, it’s like I’ve been saying, she’s getting better,” said the nurse.

“We’ll see about that.”

At the bottom of the steps, the doctor and the elderly nurse approached the girl’s cell.

“Hello?” asked the doctor.

“H-h-hello,” came a voice from inside the dark cell.

“Hello, Anne. Nurse Emily says you’ve been doing better.”

“Y-yes, Doctor,” said Anne as she moved towards the bars.

The doctor took a step back and nodded. “If we allow you back upstairs, will there be any more fits?”

“Not at all, Doctor,” said Anne. “Nurse Emily has been reading to me and I can sit still now.”

“Is that right?” asked the doctor. “Very well. Bring her upstairs.”

The doctor handed the nurse the cell keys, turned on his heels and ascended the steps. The sound of his steps faded into the distance and Anne’s hand shot through the cell openings.

The old nurse smiled and clutched the small trembling hand.

“What if I have a fit again?” asked Anne.

The nurse turned the key, and opened the door.

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